Microsoft: The Future After Windows 10

Windows 10 is the last version of windows. If we look at the evolution of phones we already know what might be the future of computers. I am sure there is already a team in place at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington that has begun discussions on building a completely new operating system from the ground up. Maybe they even have a code name by now, if you have googled their naming scheme you must expect it to be Saturn or Titan but this new Operating System won’t be another version of windows. Windows is over.

A future operating system will have a more touch based User Interface which Microsoft can then serve you on your Phones & Hybrid devices that will be a mix of a Tablet and a Traditional Computer. It will have legacy support for wireless hardware keyboards & wireless mice. You might question this direction, I myself dislike typing on a touch screen but unlike me people who were born post introduction of iPhone, iPad will probably have no problem in using touch screens for daily tasks.

The internal hardware for a smartphone/tablet is on course to merge with its more powerful counterpart i.e. the one in our laptops, gaming consoles & desktops. Wireless charging has seen continuous improvement and will probably be a part of laptops in the next few years. The industry is long due some sort of break through in battery technology, so all these factors will contribute to a merging of the platforms and their would be need for one unified operating system which makes use of all the modern technology available. The internet, LTE (4G) infrastructure is already in place in most developed countries, most applications are now downloaded online and people seldom buy physical copies of software packages. Even the biggest of the companies in the business world are shifting to cloud based computing. The biggest example that there is no need for physical copies of software packages anymore is Android & iOS. You literally can’t go to a store and buy original copies from Google and Apple, and on the other hand why would you really ? There is no need. Their server farms combine with network companies and internet service providers to push everything digitally. Something Microsoft is now doing with Windows 10.

What should Microsoft do ?

Find the next Steve Jobs and recruit before Apple.

They need to build a dynamic team, one that can break away from the traditional corporate structure and consists of people from diverse backgrounds. One area where Apple has really scored over Microsoft is design. Steve Jobs understood the importance of a vision, he had the ability dream up something sublime. He had many other qualities but it was this dreamy aspect of his nature that made everything he did extraordinary.

Design is deeply rooted in Artistry, it is always best if it comes from within. Artists, Designers are just as important to building a user interface as the technical engineers. The objective should be to build an operating system that is Simple, Beautiful, Logical, Intuitive & so much more advanced than the one we use now that it can meet the needs of the population of earth for at least the next three decades or until it becomes obsolete. So the team that is building it should contain the same qualities, shouldn’t it ?

Microsoft knows that in the future they could struggle unless they build something and capture the hearts and minds of the people. Which is probably the reason The “10” spells the end for Windows.


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