The Island

The endless waves of the ocean provide calm,
They are as soothing as stressed muscles massaged with Balm,

Strips of giant tree trunks wash ashore,
Sometimes there are dead animals which make the sight a little sore,

Even the sea weed finds its space,
Most of the time there is no sign of the human race,

The Birds sometimes stop for a rest,
Just looking at this whole scenic beauty increases zest,

The spirit of the wind is free and strong,
It has a same effect as a whiff from a bong,

The heart races like a stallion, its ecstatic, jubilant, from the union with the wild,
The stress in the thoughts evaporates even if it wasn’t mild,

In the end it is the remoteness in the mind that matters,
We walk ahead on the beach with no illusions, there is nothing that shatters,

This island only satisfies the want of the solace, the heart craves,
Because all the human lives eventually emulate these endless waves,

There is beauty in every element here that exists,
There are no frustrating disagreements or raised fists,

Particles of sand latch on to everything that can be quantified,
Good music makes the whole experience exemplified,


We pitch our tents right next to the beach,
Our skins are turning as red as a peach,
We walked far away until it was tough for other people to reach,

The food and the drink are well appreciated by us all,
All phones are switched off, no one wants to take a call,
A new game will soon start of beach volleyball,

In the distance there are a yacht or two,
I wonder what that would be like, living over nothing but ocean blue,


Devoid of somethings I realized how little of it was my need,
The passing time is the only enemy, it makes my actions thought with heed,

When the sun loses its shine the wind gets cold and bitter,
There is nothing to do except crawl back in the tent or shiver,

A fire was started to delay the sleeping,
Food was shared & everyone cozied up around the radiant heating,

Staying on the island for two days my intensity is intact,
But my soul and I renew our pact,

The journey of mutual enrichment will stay alive,
For we will soon turn back and return to the New York’s five.


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