The Magic of the Village

White Sheets placed by nature have melted, replaced by an explosion of green life, Life that has been waiting, biding its time for another shot at existence,

The grey path made of tarmac and stone is now visible, ready for a crisp feedback with feet stamping on it all day.



West Village 1



The true color of the man built things as intended comes into view,

The resistant actions of nature on such occasions have been few,



The intensity of the shining sun has increased,

we humans forget everything we have has been borrowed from nature, as if leased,



But the village sprouts a tree or two where ever it can,



When it is pleasant you see the people eating outside,

They all look so relaxed, beings that can confide,





NYU Kimmel



In some areas there are high buildings that rise,

In others there are houses that hide,



There are parks galore,

Walking here is as good as relaxing on the shore,



The wind feels like a cushion for the head even when it is strong and fierce,

The clear sky is soothing to the eyes even if it pierce,

It is a worthy place to die, this should be the end of a hearse,



Musicians stand in a corner here, and burn their hands in pain,

Whether they earn any money or not they are always happy and sane,



Where ever you walk there is always a buzz,

Beautiful birds are at home here, especially the doves,





West Village 2



At night it can get quiet, depending on where you are,

The most spectacular thing about the village is that no place is too far,





West Village



It is divided into two, the east and the west,

No matter where you go it always feels like a fest,

As long as you are here you will never run out of Zest,



I feel that essence of belonging every time I breathe,

That’s the magic of the village, it helps you live the life you wanna lead…


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